Red Fox Facts

Photograph Fox by Jiří Novotný on 500px

The red fox is the most common and widespread of all fox species in the world.
The collective noun for a group of foxes is a 'LEASH' or 'SKULK'.
Of all the species the red fox is the largest with adults weighing 10 - 15 pounds (4.5 -
The largest recorded red fox in Great Britain weighed a staggering 38.1 pounds (17.2kg)
The red fox is considered as a one of the worlds 'Top 100 invasive species'.
They are extremely invasive to other species of animals, especially in areas where they do not naturally occur but were introduced by man, resulting in many indigenous species being killed off by these foxes.
Red foxes are often hunted for sport especially in areas where they kill the life stock of farmers. Farmers also poison foxes to protect their life stock.
In the wild red foxes have very short lifespans of 2 to 4 years, in captivity they can live 10 to 14 years.
When in search of new territories they have been know to travel as far as 250km (155 miles)!
At a top running speed they can reach 28mph (45 km/h)
Red foxes are carriers of contagious diseases such as mange, distemper and rabies.
The female fox is called a 'vixen' and the new born young are called 'kits' or 'cubs'.
Litter sizes vary from 6 to 8 kits. In areas where mortality rates are higher the female may give birth to as many as 12 or 13 kits.
Red foxes are strong jumpers and are capable of jumping over a 6 to 7 feet high fence!

Photo's of Red Foxes

Photograph Red Fox by Ryu Jong soung on 500px